Underwriting partnership intelligent by design

Insurance veterans James and Jeff started their careers on the floor of Lloyds insurance market at a time when it was a thrumming hive of innovative ideas nimble partners and ambitious built on bedrock values of service and trust embodied by the Lutine Bell hanging above the trading floor.

But their careers coincided with decades of consolidation in the pursuit of scale resulting in an industry bettered suited to weathering a storm than charting a course for the future – a sector that was stable but stodgy and certainly no longer synonymous with innovation and the entrepreneurial hunger that inspired Jeff and James to join the industry to begin with.

Hungry to once again work in true client partnership and design products and solutions truly fit for their clients’ needs they were determined to leveraged their experience, clients and principles and bring their own proposition to market.

M P Studio worked closely with James and Jeff to codify and articulate their proposition in brand to ensure it could stand out and offer something new in an industry where “boutique” ventures are not uncommon.

Inspired by the possibilities of transformative innovation represented by a new cadre of would-be tech enabled disruptors that seemed to capture the spirit that once animated Lloyds’, we created a brand that could be a platform for entrepreneurial underwriters who historically saw every deal as an opportunity for product innovation – the kind of customer-centric value-creation that was increasingly hard to execute in the traditional, scale driven insurance houses and a business that could better connect insure-tech start-ups to established players and businesses to once again drive innovation.

Powered by the brand idea, “intelligent by design” we created a brand that consciously sought to avoid the world of boutique to instead evoke a lean, agile technology enabled platform that could enable a new generation of entrepreneurs to better anticipate and solve client needs – a business that could sit at the nexus of established and fledgling players that embodied the start-up mindset that once made Lloyds the innovative heart of a worldwide insurance market.


Because in a fast-changing world where new risks represent new opportunity, forward thinking businesses need underwriters who design solutions that don’t merely managing risk – they are platforms for growth in and of themselves.

Jeff Bright
Co-founder / Partner

“M P Studio were terrific at keeping us ‘fresh’, open minded and avoid straying back to safe insurance industry norms, such as my obsession with all things Blue!”